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Ambergris CayTurks & Caicos Islands

Ambergris Cay

Ambergris CayTurks & Caicos Islands

  AMBERGRIS CAY is an exquisite private island located on the remote south-eastern edge of the Caicos Islands archipelago in the Turks and Caicos. The island, also known as Big Ambergris Cay, has a land mass of about 1000 acres (404 hectares). The closest populated island to Ambergris Cay is South Caicos, which is found about 14 miles to the north. Ambergris Cay is lightly developed, and supports luxury vacation homes, an airport, and the all-inclusive and upscale Ambergris Cay Resort, which offers beautiful villa accommodations with impeccable service, dining, and amenities. The resort features a low-density design, with the restaurant, spa, and other facilities hidden across the flowing coastline on the west side of the island. Small roads connect the island, and silent golf carts are the main means of transport. The Ambergris Cays are named after the valuable deposits of whale ambergris that would wash up on the beaches. This waxy substance is regurgitated by sperm whales and is prized as a fixative for perfume and cosmetic products. See all available Ambergris Cay real estate by subscribing to our local MLS

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