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Middle CaicosTurks & Caicos Islands

Middle Caicos

Middle CaicosTurks & Caicos Islands

  MIDDLE CAICOS IS THE LARGEST ISLAND in the Turks and Caicos, with an area of 56 mi² (144 km²). As the name suggests, Middle Caicos is located in the center of the Caicos Islands archipelago. The island is connected by a causeway to the adjacent North Caicos, and the two islands largely function as one. Middle Caicos is best known for secluded beaches, caves, and the majestic Mudjin Harbour coastline and beach. The island has three small settlements: Conch Bar, Bambarra, and Lorimers. The resident population on Middle Caicos is quite small at under 200 persons, many of whom are elderly. The island likewise has very limited infrastructure and services. Many of the island’s residents drive over to North Caicos for food, fuel, and supplies. Mudjin Harbour is the top tourist attraction on Middle Caicos. This coastline features high limestone cliffs, white sand beaches, caves, and the rugged ironshore island of Dragon Cay. Middle Caicos is an incredible destination for outdoor enthusiasts. There’s a plethora of secluded beaches and landscapes to discover, and historical elements are hidden in the dense vegetation across the island. The island of Providenciales welcomes by far the majority of overnight visitors to the Turks and Caicos, yet a popular activity is to visit North Caicos and Middle Caicos on a day trip from Providenciales. Small passenger ferries have regular schedules, and it’s easy to rent a car and explore on your own. Several spectacular beaches are found on Middle Caicos. In addition to the famous Mudjin Harbour, there’s Bambarra Beach, Conch Bar Beach, and the remote Wild Cow Run. See all available Middle Caicos real estate by subscribing to our local MLS

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