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North CaicosTurks & Caicos Islands

North Caicos

North CaicosTurks & Caicos Islands

  NORTH CAICOS IS THE SECOND LARGEST ISLAND in the Turks and Caicos, with a collective landmass of 45 mi² (116 km²). The island is located between Providenciales and Middle Caicos, on the north edge of the Caicos Banks and Caicos Islands underwater plateau. North Caicos is sparsely populated, and supports a resident population of about 2000. A paved road causeway connects North Caicos to Middle Caicos, allowing for easy transit back and forth, with the result that both islands largely function as one. As is the case throughout the Turks and Caicos, tourism is the primary industry on North Caicos. The island is home to a few dozen quaint vacation rental houses, as well as one small boutique hotel, the Pelican Beach Hotel. Life is generally quiet on North Caicos. The island supports several small grocery stores and restaurants, as well as a few bonefishing and tour charter companies. Small passenger ferries that travel between Sandy Point Marina North Caicos and Heaving Down Rock on Providenciales provide the primary means of transport to the island. See all available North Caicos real estate by subscribing to our local MLS

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