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Turtle TailProvidenciales

Turtle Tail

Turtle TailProvidenciales

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FOUND ON THE SOUTH COAST of Providenciales, Turtle Tail is a coastal luxury residential region, and offers some of the finest vistas on the island.

Turtle Tail is a narrow peninsula that largely separates the interior Flamingo Pond and Juba Point Salina from the ocean and Caicos Banks. At the far eastern end of the peninsula, a small channel allows tidal movement into the ponds, and divides Turtle Tail from the Long Bay region of Providenciales.

A few beautiful and tiny islands are found off the coast, including Bristol Cay, the Dick Penn Cays, and the Bird Egg Cays. It’s possible to wade out to the Dick Penn Cays from the largest beach in the area. Similar to Chalk Sound Lagoon, the water in the area is a brilliant turquoise.

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