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Provo Industrial ParkProvidenciales
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    About This Property

    Paradise Designs Ltd is an established ceramic arts studio operated by an accomplished and experienced ceramic artist, who has resided in Turks and Caicos for decades. Well connected with higher end arts and craft shops throughout Providenciales, these custom creations can be found in a number of homes and villas on island. The company is an approved vendor at a reputable hotel chain on island and supplies their resort boutiques with a steady inventory. Work Studio is centrally located in the Provo Industrial Park within leased premises of 1,500 Sq. Ft. Studio equipment includes three computer-controlled kilns, two throwing wheels, custom electric slab roller, pug mill for the recycling of used clay, clay extruder with assorted dyes and a full range of molds and dyes to facilitate high-volume production. Inventory comprising of raw clay, paints and glazes as well as glaze-combination samples and a complete selection of general and specialized tools. Purchase of the business would be effected through the purchase of all the outstanding shares of the Company. The Business License of the Studio is not a Reserved Category and would not require the participation of a local partner. Love getting your hands dirty to make beautiful art? Then this business is a great fit for you. Contact us today to view!

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