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Selling GuideTurks & Caicos Real Estate

  • Visit our Homes in Paradise by Grace Bay Realty team in Regent Village on Regent Street to discuss your objectives.
  • Allow one of our GBR consultants to prepare a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) while you secure a property valuation from an on-island professional.
  • Arrange site inspection with our team to gather information on the unique characteristics of your property.
  • You may want to make some touchups on the property, such as painting or enhancing landscaping, to mitigate unnecessary improvements or repairs for the buyers.
  • For land listings, keep it clean and accessible, exposing all view opportunities. A viewing platform may serve you well.
  • Stage property for professional photography, put excess things in storage containers, and tidy up any clutter.
  • First impressions count! Ensure that the property is pristine for every viewing opportunity
  • Trust your GBR team to maximize your exposure through our international affiliations as well as all local opportunities not limited to TCREA. GBR will erect a visible For Sale sign on the property to grab the attention of potential buyers *looking around’. In the absence of a sign, a promotional piece will be placed in villas and condos where applicable.
  • Ensure that the property is vacant during showings so the potential buyer can be at ease while looking without feeling rushed or monitored. This will also allow them to freely ask questions of the real estate agent.
  • Keep pets outside or in a separate room to prevent them from becoming a distraction during the viewing.
  • Interested buyers complete and sign an “Offer to Purchase” outlining the offer price and terms, including the closing date. Carefully review the offer presented to you. You may wish to counter if the original offer is not acceptable to you.
  • Upon your acceptance of all terms and conditions of your offer, your attorney will prepare a Sales and Purchase Agreement to be signed by you and the buyer. The Sales and Purchase Agreement will articulate the terms of the offer. At this point, the buyer will pay a 10% deposit on the agreed purchase price.
  • On the closing date specified in the Sales and Purchase Agreement, ownership of your property is legally transferred to the buyer. You will be required to hand over any necessary documentation regarding the property. The purchase price balance is due upon the closing of the sale.
  • Your closing costs will include: Real Estate Sales Commission (approximately 6% on residential and commercial property and 10% on vacant land). Attorney fees (approximately 1-2% of purchase price).
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